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About this site

This site I have made for those who really want to change themselves for good and make this society a better place to live in. I have collected and written very few articles that will definitely change you for good. This Site can be viewed from people across the world from any caste, religion and sex. I believe in all GOD’s and religion. I believe all gods want from us is we spread happiness, peace and destroy the evils.

About me

I am Sudhir Mukundan Working as System Engineer In Accenture been in IT field for over 7 years now met many people and learned Life lessons through experience and & been tested continuously and now I am Sharing My lessons and Thought to make you better. I believe that Life is too short for all of us and this short period instead of just wasting time in collecting material wealth and doing or inspiring bad things doesn’t make your soul a better one. <

My top Five Simple Rules For Happiness:
1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.

I am not a Great High Performer in my work but I really inspire Good thoughts to my team mates.


I am married and Living happily with my wife,Daughter and parents.

My interest

Listening Music, Reading, Writing and searching inspirational articles and my ultimate hobby is inspiring good, my interest lies in learning Human psychology there values their thought, different needs. My Goal is to be good human bieng have good family life be good husband goood parent good employee good for all who likes me.


The Credit of what I am today is because of my Father, Mother I have learned many good family values from Father and from mother I have learned loving and caring. My sister and is great inspiration or me always helped and supported me.

Now My wife is Great Supporter and Caretaker always there with me. I am in Great debt to My school Bassien Kerala Samajam English School which teached me good but I was nuisance in school but I had Great Friends and teachers who gave good lessons for me to do something better. I am in Great debt to MY father He is my best friend and his JOB in L&T the company that I cannot forget that took care about our family need and I had Oppurtunity to Learn Diploma In Electronics Engineering which was industry integrated great lessons and Knowledge. Also Now my work in Accenture for more than 5 yrs now learning everyday.

The Real Spark of inspiring good came for failures in my life due to my mistakes but happy with the Failures but that helped me to become human with care for human values and some wisdom in my life still learning. My ideal in my life are people who keep family Happy and are have good human values and who has care for nature and environment this includes rich, middle class and poor people. Big thanks to all People who helped and helping me in Life directly / Indirectly.

Like everyone but TRUST few.