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  • "Everybody has the potential to do something good for all" First I am Common Man Leaving very ordinary life This site is not to earn money but for my knowledge and wisdom and for people who like this only IF spirituality subject u like u ill like this When I see the talented people that I have come across & heard many people through social media there works I feel Proud Let us all use our talent Knowledge & do our work for good. More to add GOD on that day will not ask how many successful dirty power u created but how moral good and good value ethics happy family you created for good Life is always an ECHO "This world is not short of talented and knowledgeable people use it for good" This site may not be liked by all but who is eager to learn will like it I respect those people who do good and are the best people in there fields be whatever work they do I have no issues if u copy or share this with anyone or everyone I mostly did it from Google. I debt to these English language which is known language in almost whole part of world a language which has constantly evolved and hope it will become much simpler though not achieved a perfection in this language I still love to explore thoughts and quotes lots and lots more to come.An Let we all pledge we make this world a better place to live in from whatever work we do. Thank you all readers from Inspiring GOOD Please I should not forget google very much debt to this company and now currently exploring books in ANDROID Phone Google INC and wikipedia your are the best Please dont consider me very Scholar/ Ganni I have more concentrated my life towards value education my engineering skills,medicine,cooking,farming, law,maths and there so many other things in world which I am very weak but I like to learn every day be anyone even from small kids which will be useful to me and everyone that is this site all about - INSPIRINGGOOD Happy moments, praise God. Difficult moments, seek God. Quiet moments, worship God. Painful moments, trust God. Every moment, thank God. "Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful." Let the GOOD always win. “Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow but a vision. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore, to this day. Such is the salutation to the dawn.” Slow Progress is only progress in Life My advice don't rush be slow. Attitude is everything , Individuality, respect for Individual are very important in Life Something About me I am Sudhir Mukundan 32 yrs age likes good thoughts and smart & hardworking guys and have respect for girls for them in tough world working ethically good where ever they are . To tell about me many people tell me that I foolish In IQ, don't know to drive bike & Car not interested to learn & drive the same. Like To have Better Simple Life and want to work hard & smart till health is good.Good Role Models should not be destroyed Trinity God will not tolerate this Open for feedback to improve the site. Many thing in this you will feel immature itis due my age many things to learn yet pls help me. Life is echo Imagination is more important than Knowledge take what is best for you & your world please suggest other site or mail me if you have any good writeups pls mail me MY main aim in Life is to Learn Good things I have very less knowledge when we see this world it is ocean of knowledge pls help in my mission to Learn Good & essential things in Life. To tell me about myself a very simple in Life for me if FOOD cloth shelter is available in Good way that is more than enough for me with my duty or work dont think this site is profit for me no if anyone is becoming good or better is more than enough for me surely GOD blessing would be there in my Life I am not SMART .I am a MALLU Malayali many things to Learn from Kerala Thank You LORD Shiva Only regret didnt learn to read in Malayalam. I Live In India Maharashtra Mumbai Vasai-Road OM Nagar with Mixed Living both Rural and Urban Life with Greenary.My aim in Life is to Learn Good Valuable Things in Life and Get GURU 's , Intellect People and Good Thought Leaders Blessings and Guide for better Life have blessings of all GOD specially Trinity GOD's. I believe Only that place is blessed where GOD Ritual is treated and and taken with respect and Proper Karma in People actions. I Love People who are good outlook towards everything Who care for there world there family there environment and who work best are asset to Trimurti GOD's. Not here for any fame people see me differently even some call me fool see we cant make everyone happy well being depends upon Karma and work do good. To tell me about Myself I Love My Family and Friends Loves Eating food cooked at home Dont know Driving even Bike I refrain bit too OLD fashioned Pls Dont Think I am Very HIFI Believes Only in Digital Life answer is NO. Very Simple Living believe in GOD do good people who Knows more will Love you. On Friends - Your Best Friend is some time you itself be careful. One Person who can improve our life is one you see in mirror.By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. I am very Sensitive emotional Person cant live without Navgraha Controlling God's Blessings on Daily Basis..Only pray dont marriage to spoil a GIRL life specially and viceversa too. Love as thought is Truth, Love as action is Righteous Conduct, Love as feeling is Peace, Love as understanding is Non-violence. Love is selflessness, Selfishness is Lovelessness. Love gives and forgives, Selfishness gets and forgets. (Sathya Sai Speaks. Vol. 5. "Well or ill," Chapter 38) World will continue to suffer if females are exploited and not nurtured for good and mens are not responsible towards family , nature and environment is not taken care what I feel .God is love, live in love. Learn Learn Mythologies history learn wisdom this comes from good people love and help people who are warriors of GOD reduce and minimize evil.Life is Choice we are responsible for our fate learn wisdom, work make a difference for good protect good leaders rather than taking advantage of them and blaming at last. Protect Girl Child, Let all become more responsible and disciplined render greatest support to those educate children so that world is turned into heaven. Disclaimer: Before coming to any conclsuison refer to subject matter expert , domain expertise and Established Spiritual leaders before taking any decision. Mine upbringing was different my experiences is different I am not perfect too.

Learn good for all BOOK lovers.. Work sincerely do something good everyday for nature,society. “Happy moments, PRAISE GOD Difficult moments, SEEK GOD Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD Painful moments, TRUST GOD Every moment, THANK GOD” Let Our Dev / Devi / Bhagwan / GURUS /SANT Allah /LORD be happy with us for our Karma Lets we all do good and make this planet better place to Live in . Only pray this world should be in always in safe better hands generation to generation Empty Pockets Teaches Millions of Things in Life. But full Pockets many times spoil in many ways. But sometimes also empty pockets spoils you in many it is start of evils and bad companies spoil us so it should be balanced guided by wisdom of parents, Upbringing by school & college institutes. do good get good the most important has from Sanskrit quotes “For yesterday is but a dream, And tomorrow is only a vision; But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore, to this day.” But for some do this Try not to become a man of success but man of value. I feel that established enterprenurs and aspiring good enterprenurs should be protected by govt and should be given a royal treatment to there family members since they are serving commom people and it is best karma to serve others ad genearate employment which makes common man life like me happy. Also good established leaders shoule be protected and there family members shoudl be treated well since they serve the nation and only with good thought or service nation will become better to serve common man True Success Lies in your efforts & wisdom Not in other's defeat Honesty is best Policy don't expect it from cheap people " Simple Guidelines for Happiness: Live Simple, Give More, Expect Less!!" Written in 2012 by Dr. Mrudul Parekh --- India Because everyone is in search of Happiness "When u educate a Man u educate an Individual but when u educate an woman u educate the whole family. Always hope for best and prepare for worst. " In a garden, growth occurs. So too in a body or in a mind. It's vital to see not what one wants, but rather, what one can give. Only in this state of living does one truly live." Written in 2013 by Miles Patrick Yohnke I have to pick and choose wisely, because not everything will fit on my plate!" Written in 2012 by Michelle W. Seamons The fabric of our lives is woven together by a combination of our daily choices and actions! July 22, 2013 " Maybe you won't believe it, but most of the richest people on earth have no money. Most of them have a nice family. Count your blessings e. When you stop chasing the money and realize what you have around you, then you will deserve money." Written in 2013 by Rafael Lama Noel --- Haiti I'm from Haiti, so I've lived all that and despite all the poverty, I can see a pure and sincere smile in my people's faces. June 17, 2013 " Do Great Things! What Makes something great?? It's all perception. But if it can change your life for the better, consider it Great. If it can change other peoples lives for the better, than others will consider it Great." Written in 2013 by Eric Eisenberg --- Missouri May 20, 2013 " Making a hundred friends is not a miracle. The miracle is to make a single friend who will stand by your side even when hundreds are against you." Author Unknown --- Submitted by Satya Prasad --- India Found it very real and interesting. May 20, 2013 " Think wisely before you speak and listen intently to the people with fruit on the tree. Break down the barrier of stubbornness and pride otherwise you'll always be a part of the crowd." Written in 2012 by Joshua Chupp --- Indiana May 20, 2013 " Its better to be an example setter than to be an example teller." Author Unknown --- Submitted by Vishal Verma --- India Try Not to become a Man of Success But man of value Out of the clutter Simplify Life as Much u can... take the help of IT Learning Thru Creativity helps to Learn and educate the Things faster makes it easier Reduce Recycle Reuse avoid e waste..... protect and care for environment. Reduce your carbon foot prints Good leadership is all about Faithful & Trust fullness becoming trustworthy and working good for the world Work is worship, stop gossiping backbiting do ur work and learn January 28, 2013 " Begin today. Declare out loud to the universe that you are willing to let go of struggle and eager to learn through joy." Sarah Ban Breathnach --- Submitted by Lauren Covington January 9, 2013 Thoughts " If you're still looking for that one person who can change your life, take a look in the mirror." Roman Price --- Submitted by George Wachirah I believe in All Religion we have good in all be a better Human Being Lord SHIVA- Destroyer, Vishnu - Preserver, Brahma - Creator & OM team it comprises of Allah, Jesus just to remove the confusion message to all is don't divide and rule spread peace happiness and destroy the evils. Why should we destroy our planet, ourselves, our country our family by not doing this. I have collected and written very few articles that will definitely change you for good. This Site can be viewed from people across the world from any caste, religion and sex. I believe in all GOD and religion. I believe all gods want from us is we spread happiness, peace and destroy the evils. our best teacher is our nature........ which changes to teach us sometimes hard lessons. We Hindu, Muslim, Christian Sikh, and many are all ONE ultimate aim of all of all GOD was that we should do well where ever we are Spread Peace Happiness and destroy the evils.......... Woman and Girls should be treated well Never stare, Flirt , or Rape girls always think of your mother , sister or daughter if they were to be treated in same way.Rapers should be hanged to death. “I strongly believe we get what we give in your life" if we spread happiness and peace we get happiness and peace. You Karma speak everything about your state of happiness. Learn continuously educate and contribute for welfare of society. “I see infinite potential in all Human beings everybody is unique in their way and we need to respect the uniqueness". Good Leaders are those who create many other good leaders. Life is always an Echo what u give in your life u get it back. So Please Transform Minds and become a GOOD asset to this universe and not a liability. The Articles which I have written is my thought may or may not be of your interest but still I believe I have written this with ultimate devotion to GOD specially LORD SHIVA and Parvati MAA & Durga Devi. Life is Echo the Evil you do stays with you and Good you do comes back to you. For Me LORD SHIVA is everything MY BHAGWAN MY ALLAH and MY LORD. We are Known for our Character and Work. I been doing evil past and now transforming and still learning good after hard lessons in life so let's do good and make Our world a better place to live.Give at least 5% of Money and Time to Society this Society will become better place to Live in In this world u cant please everyone by the quality of people there but if Good People and intellects are Happy with u you have won half the battle in Life Attitudes determine your altitude. You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give. The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn...and change. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit Live Simply, Walk Humbly & Love genuinely Wise men talk because they have something to say. Fools talk because they have to say something. It is not the person who has too little, but the person who always craves more, that is poor.Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin . By desiring little, a poor man makes himself rich. When you look back on life, will you say, I wish I had. or I'm glad I did . Should we be more concerned with how we leave the planet ? or how we leave our kids that will inherit the planet ? Genius is 10% talent and 90% Discipline. When I do Good I feel good When I do bad I feel very bad This is My religion. Early to BED & Early to Rise Makes Man wealthy healthy & wise, Save Power,Reduce wastage. More lessons inside it... Satyam Shivam Sundaram Life is echo sooner or later you realize it in life Not here to earn fame or earn money wrongly or to compete with anyone only for inspiringgood. I urge people with Power come together from across world and apply thoughts and ask people under them and themselves to execute and work to make this earth/ Universe a better place to live in and love natures beauty and Earn Bhagwan/allah/GOD grace. Let we all have good moral values, respect for opposite sex behave properly have caring of nature and environment and have good civic sense Let us not waste time in gossiping and chit chating being bad and nuisance for the Galaxy and never play dirty politics let us we work together for better India a better world we are all dependent on each and every should have goodness care towards nature environment humanity lets us transform let all OM team bless our way. I am contented with Life and will work hard & smart till my health is good. Dear all I was Unlucky Because I didnt get this Inspiring Good Mentor in My Life before. I love my country INDIA its Culture, Unity in diversity,Hospitality, food, temples , mosques and churches , Value education only place we all Our government is already working and some reforms are in place need to concentrate Cleanliness, Civic Sense, Moral Values ,Good working ethics, Humanity, Child Labour, Woman Girl child safety. Reduce Recycle Reuse avoid wastage,save water, save trees save environment. For People who hate me Sometimes if u do good and be better and many people who are opposed in what ever you do people still take advantage and play with you this I never Like If you dont like tell me in face dont play around me my request I feel am always open and straight forward and inspire good in My deals If your are going through bad phase in life / day just analyse thoroughly you might have made some mistakes in Behavior with others or did some bad to some one or Some decision have changed it help it will give relief & do the necessary corrections I am not boasting that I have done very great thing there are many people may be in lakhs / millions who are good human being and know many better things but not got a platform to share the knowledge my salute to all teachers to inspire people for better world.Our world needs people with broader vision which avoid disaster/ problem in Long Run and Help GOD's I am not telling I that I am Mr. Perfect have very less friends I avoid and dont like Picnics with friends & partying bossing More family man. Trying and want to be a good guy I from IIN :) and want to best for GOOD people Intellect and scholars and people who want to become good Want a Simple Good Life Good companions of Good People who are liked to spirituality and who are good to there family and friends and good for society for good.Please any one crooked or good dont think of my growth I happy with what GOD will give me to my Karma and will always lead a simple life. Going forward people should work with all there heart out be any work they do as if there reporting Manager is GOD for a better world.Keep a positive attitude and positive working ethics and You will be happier and work in what your best at Your and have your Limits firmly believes that Life is always an ECHO. Respect all GOD and work for better world and believe in Massive Power When we start respecting GOD GOD will bless us. We suffer in world due to lack of knowledge, moral values, Sanskar and interpersonal relations but keep this with good people I Have Low General Knowledge , Intelligence quotient and Talent very different from today generation Less Not interested in any Party, Not interested in Picnics with Friends not interested in Driving Bike or Car Loves Personal Time Love eating foods prepare at home and own cooked food gives me immense satisfaction not interested in making immense property but like in leaving harmony peaceful in Home and with family and faithful best friends but love to be in place where there is peace it is difficult in this world but loves saving from the money we get from working only good on value education this articles are of my Research if you like follow it or just ignore it. 9 problems in life are due to tone of voice it's not what you say it is how we say, just change the tone and see the change in life. I have realized there is immense talent in this world if a fool like me can make this site there so many immense talented people in this world who can give best to the world please share your knowledge and Brings Light to people life. I am very thankful to countries & people who brought Internet Google,Wikipedia whatsapp, Facebook, twitter they are very useful if use properly and for good I cant even think my existence without internet the knowledge I got from internet and ease and peace that bought into our life. Thankyou all who are supporting me directly and indirectly in My life. I work as System Analyst In Accenture India Ltd and I am Proud of It The kind of education I have completed and My skill set and background I come from suits my profile and cant expect more from My organisation only I have to work sincereley and keep good attitude I have realized that money comes in hard way with lot of hardwork and experience and my advice to Youngsters to strive for saving money and Learn be discplined dont waste money since you will increased with responsibility after marriage and having Kids and Do good rest GOD will take care. Guys take care of your Wife, Kids and parents keep them happy dont be burden to them. Our Life has become less than robots who only aim is to have immense wealth but not good life. Keep Your Limits. It is very correct that work is workship but be in your limit have social life and good spiritual ethics be disciplined and Capabilities demand less and work with your limits and do what makes you feel good about and good for society. Our aim in Life should be blessing from GOD have good family life take care of your children your parents. Do Good be a Teacher and spread good things because we are inspired by what we learn our society our world do good deeds try to be matured nations with only good Terrorism ( So we always do good & Learn better for society nature & Resources) and More Positive and good deeds & Live Happily Thank You Inspiring Always remember our Good our best teacher is last mistake. Individuality is very important for being discplined and being good some time in team you spoil yourself with team interest & Nature Respect all God's and there powers so good things shower on earth and I am inspired by Sathya Sai Baba Values human values of Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Right Conduct), Shanti (Peace), Prema (Love) and Ahimsa (Non-violence) this values if there we will surely achieve Happiness with Less.I feel that Discipline And Character Education is Everything in Life My Only Prayer That LORD SHIVA LORD NARYANA LORD BRAHMA GODDESS PARAVATI GODDESS LAXMI GODDESS SARASWATI AND LORD GANESHA LORD MURUGAN LORD AYYAPAN AND ALL CONTROLLER GOD SHOULD WIN IN SHORT ACCAHYI KI JEET BURAHI KI HAAR. See I am Not here for Any Kusti(Wrestling / Championship or fame or Earning Immense wealth If U like this site. Become better by putting urself in other shoes thinking from there point of view with correct ethics if u feel it hurt them it will hurt you too.... so do good Free Your Mind from Hatred Free Mind from Worries Live Simply Give More Expect less and have a good Life is ECHO Save Electricity – Save Environment !!! Each Drop of Water Counts…. Save Water.. Save Life…!!! Learn and Inspire People to be happy and do something good for world and themselves and Protecting the environment Life is ECHO .......... Do Good - Learn Better -- Be organised - Be Polite - Have Good Civic Sense Still many things to Learn help me and bless me.Life is echo If You have family that loves You a few good friends who makes u better person food on your table and roof over you head you are richer than you think. “Nonviolence is only for the brave men and women of the world because it requires courage – courage to love the beauty of life, beauty of humanity and the beauty of the world.” Good Food is Good Mood, Nourish your body with satvik foods. Dont test too much for Good people they walk away from your Life. If you cant love person for his Good thoughts and work when is alive there is no point him praising and creating monuments when is dead. Do good Life is echo. To Tell me about m experience of this world Is very little I have even not fully explored places where I live that is Vasai Road but I am an home sick simple boy from childhood always like to be with family and trusted friends I am Only interested for simple life may I may wrong many ways what I have written in this website. Love as thought is Truth, Love as action is Righteous Conduct, Love as feeling is Peace, Love as understanding is Non-violence. Love is selflessness, Selfishness is Lovelessness. Love gives and forgives, Selfishness gets and forgets. (Sathya Sai Speaks. Vol. 5. "Well or ill," Chapter 38) We may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest Keep Learning Learn Wisdom ,Good Values, Spiritual Ethics constantly otherwise we suffer a lot. Honesty is best policy being honest will not give you many friends. Choose your friend wisely. it is better to be alone than in wrong company, your action are greater than words emotions and feelings.. I am in NO competition with anyone I have no desire of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to better person I was yesterday. Good dress can change the personality but beautiful beahviour can change the light a Lamp for somebody it will also brighten your path. Success is not just measure of how big you dream it is also measure of how much you can do. God is love, live in love, Live In harmony, Do good get good. Wisdom comes from lot of trails. Do good Good Will come back to you. Subjects in Schools should focus on Moral Values and also thru advertisement moral values should be promoted more focus should be on Character education and in school, corporates , and colleges way to deal with elders, teachers, supervisor, opposite sex, colleagues , co workers, respect for girls my only pray to trinity GODS world this earth should be in safe hands for generation to generations. I believe In Individuality I am not telling that I am perfect person or need want to be influencer i am weak in many things everybody wisdom skills are different with experience and there Upbringing.Kar Bhala toh ho bhala very true I may be very wrong In many ways in life please all intellect, spiritual people come and think for betterment of world.United we stand divided we fall. Do good be good finally it is between you and GOD your karma. Dont blame Good leaders do good karma and protect them Always be Humble It all in GODS hand, one bad health, one earthquake, Volcano , tsunami, flood to destroy us always believe in Good and do good.What you sow you reap My Life is different my ideology is different in Politics I Like ideology of BJP, Likes Spirituality Books, Humour Programs ,Self help books and favourite channel is EPIC TV, SONY TV in News I only watch DD news. See I humble to human values and spiritual spirit I dont want to force my values in anybody it is your life your wisdom your knowledge your experience, do good be happy Disclaimer: The Information in this website is true and complete to best of My knowledge Author is Not responsible for any changes for bad,everybody is unique and everybody as different choices, lessons, skills, destiny, Knowledge, ethics and Karma.Always Protect the Mother Nature It has it's own way of revenge.Your uniqueness is key to success Whatever I have written may not be always good before taking any Important decision of life pls consult Subject expertise or experts.Please don't get influneced by anyone but get influenced by GOD Lord Krishna Teachings , Lord RAM Values and Buddha Teachings for Happy life For a Good Life Surround yourself with Inspiring and Positive People and where you get appreciated and support for Good work.